The Pentecostal message was brought to Ranni area in the early 1920s, first by American Missionary Rev. Robert Cooks and followed by men of God such as Pastor K.E. Abraham, K.C. Cherian, P.M. Samuel, A.J John etc. A handful of people from Nellickamon and surrounding areas received the message with joy. Those who accepted the new faith started meeting in houses at various locations beginning at Pullampallil area until a place of worship was built at Nellickamon.

The Ayanthiyil family offered a plot of land for the construction of the church. The first church building was built in 1925 and thereafter it was reconstructed on two occasions. The present church building attached parsonage, Auditorium and other facilities are with the financial support of its members at different parts of the world. Majority are in the United States of America and in the Middle East.

First General Convention of IPC was held at Kalakkattu Purayidam near Ittyappara Ranni from Wednesday 1st April to Sunday 5th April 1925.

Pastors V. V. Thomas (Vengathottathil Valiakalayil Kuttichen), K. E. Thomas (Kappamammoottil Mukkoottuthara Kunjommachen), T. K. Mathew (Karamvelil Mathaichen) and V. E. Mathai (Vilayil Mathaichen) were early founders and pioneer ministers of IPC Tabor Nellickamon. Pastor V. V. Thomas was a member of the Managing Body of IPC when the church was registered in 1935 at Eluru, Andhra Pradesh.

The following families and their descendants are members of IPC Tabor from its inception.
Valiakalayil, Kappamamoottil, Karamvelil, Ayanthiyil, Vilayil, Pullil Thadathil, Mullumkattil, Pullampallilaya Edayilapurayil, Plamkoottathil, Thalayattil, Pullattu, Maniyattu, Plammoottil, Poovannummoottil Kolakottu and Kuzhikalayil Muruppel.
At present there are 105 families as members of this church.

List of Pastors Ministered at Tabor Nellickamon

    1. Pastor V. V. Thomas
    2. Pastor T.K. Mathew
    3. Pastor V. E. Mathai
    4. Pastor K. E. Thomas
    5. Pastor M. J. Thomas
    6. Pastor T. N. Abraham
    7. Pastor M. K. Cherian
    8. Pastor V. T. Thomas
    9. Pastor V. K. Chacko
    10. Pastor M. C. Chacko
    11. Pastor V. T. Joseph
    12. Pastor A. T. Chacko
    13. Pastor K. V. Mathew
    14. Pastor V. M. Samuel
    15. Pastor P. T. Chacko
    16. Pastor M.V. Chacko
    17. Pastor K. V. George
    18. Pastor Philip Joseph (1967-1974)
    19. Pastor T. C George (1974-1978)
    20. Pastor V. C. George (1978-1983)
    21. Pastor P. C. Varghese (1983-1986)
    22. Pastor T. P. Daniel (1986-1988)
    23. Pastor John Skariah (1988-1993)
    24. Pastor K. P. Thomas (1993-1996)
    25. Pastor C. C. Abraham (1996-1999)
    26. Pastor P. I. Georgekutty (1999-2002)
    27. Pastor D. Samkutty (2002-2005)
    28. Pastor P. V. Samuel (2005- 2008)
    29. Pastor K. Shaji (2008-2011)
    30. Pastor Moncy P. Mathew (2011-2014)
    31. Pastor John Varughese (2014-2017)
    32. Pastor Alex John (2017-2020)
    33. Pastor P.K Mathew (2020-Continuing)

Pastor M.T. Samuel was a co-minister of this church during 1990’s.

Missionaries from this church
Over 30 missionaries were raised from this church. Pastor Kurian Thomas (Itarsi) is one among them.

List of brothers served as secretaries

  1. V. P. Varghese
  2. K. E. Samuel
  3. V. A. Abraham
  4. M. M. Abraham
  5. M. T. Thomas
  6. K. T. Varghese
  7. T. V. George
  8. V. T. Mathew
  9. Eapen Thomas
  10. Eapen Thomas
  11. Mathew Abraham (Continuing)

List of brothers served as treasurers of the church

  1. K. E. Samuel
  2. V. A. Abraham
  3. V. Varghese
  4. M. M. Abraham
  5. M. T. Thomas
  6. C.C Abraham
  7. T. V. George
  8. V. T. Mathew
  9. John Thomas
  10. Eapen Thomas
  11. V. T. Varghese
  12. Abraham C Abraham (Continuing)

List of those who reached at leadership of IPC

K.T. Varghese:
IPC Sunday School Treasurer
Council Member

Dr. George Mathew:
Council Member, PYPA
President, PYPA Treasurer

Eapen Thomas Kappamammoottil:
IPC Kerala State Council Treasurer (2000-2006)
General Council Treasurer (2006- 2012)

Varghese Abraham:
IPC Maharashtra
Region Treasurer

Shibu Mullumkattill:
PYPA, UAE - Region Treasurer

Our Present Pastor

Pastor P.K Mathew

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